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Haha yes this is true. I walked into my favorite bakery the other day. I saw they had new types of cakes. I asked to have one. They said it would cost me 2.50. I was appaulled that they added a

Matz. If you really hate Sony. If you really hate what they do. If you can't stop whining like a two year old who can't have something. Sell your PlayStation. Just sell it, and shut the

Matzat, any more trolling and you're getting a warning.

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I mainly play Warhawk, Call of Duty 4 and NHL 08 but also have Resistance, Motorstorm, Madden 08 and NCAA Football 08. Anyone want to play just pm me here or on the psn.

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Kaneanite. I've got Resistance, but haven't played it in ages. Kane & Lynch, Stranglehold and Warhawk are my other online games.

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My name is LLRocks. I just got Rock Band for the PS3 so whoever wants to play along with a crappy player who has very little Guitar Hero experience as it is... I'll make you look good. :D

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Small question, ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster, LL and Kaney, do you want me to put your current display names in the original post or the name that people generally know you by? I mean Kaney - Kaneanite or Kaney and Lynch - Kaneanite?

And to be played online I have Ridge Racer, Motorstorm and Skate.

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Can you play against people from anywhere in the world or will I just be able to play other Europeans at the moment?

I've just added you guys who I know are from the UK for the time being.

I tried to play my mate online earlier on NBA 2K8 but strangely neither of us could see each other in the lobby. We theorised it may be because he bought his copy in the US and was therefore only seeing US players. How true that is I'm not entirely sure.

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I played some European on my first ever game on Pro Evo earlier....Not enjoying the confusing online lag either.

Also, I gamely picked Tottenham, being a fan of teams with strengths and weaknesses and looking forward to a good fun game...

This guy (who turned out to be rather good) decided to pick......Barcelona.

I'm not gonna bother if I have to pick the top top teams to have a chance of winning....While I played the better football he could just run it into the box with Ronaldinho, Deco etc. No fun at all.

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