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Assassin's Creed III


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Revolutionary USA. Fuck that shit. If they were looking for something around that time period (although they shouldn't because in doing so they've skipped the Renaissance and the greater part of the Enlightenment, which given the premise of the game is ridiculous) they should have gone for the France of Voltaire and Rousseau. 1760s or something.

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Eh. I find it to be an interesting concept. I never thought they'd set the time in such a period, but I doubt they'd do it if it didnt work. Wonder if climbing will be less of a thing and have more of a focus on just sneaking and such. Wouldn't really mind it, since climbing buildings got annoying when the character would do something or go the opposite way than what I wanted. Will be nice to get a new character to play as, as much as I loved Ezio.

I might have missed something, but Im hoping the whole ending to the Brotherhood story gets more of an answer. I can't remember if Revelations really addressed that.

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Dear Lord yes, this should be fantastic. I've been wondering for the longest time where they'd go next in history, but this should be an interesting time period. Was especially curious about more 'recent' time periods being involved anyway ever since I read that comic Penny Arcade did for... I think it was Brotherhood? The one set in Russia just before WWII I believe. I liked the idea behind it a lot.

Now I just have to hope there'll be a bloody Collector's Edition that makes it to the states. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell I'll afford to import an Animus Edition for Revelations and the game's been out since November. I got the collector's for all the ones before, why can't I for the last one? :crying:

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I hope this is the last one tbh. I mean, I love the series, but this is a good place for Desmond's story to end.

I'm looking forward to playing in colonial America, actually.

No chance on that.

And fucking America, ew. :puke:

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They always claimed that originally intended it as a trilogy, but then they added in "middle" games to the series, so I think any hope of this being the last game is long gone. Last game for Desmond, probably.

Also, it's suddenly occurred to me how many AC games they've released, and how few PoP games they've released in comparison this generation.

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