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  1. I am at a beer festival today so I'm slightly annoyed, but I caught the first few episodes. I'm enjoying what I am seeing so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more later on tonight whilst half cut and emotional. Truly should help my emotions.
  2. I think it's going to - hopefully - pick up as the season goes on (Netflix order 23 episodes, so they've only released part of the season) and kick into gear once they develop more about their world and the characters involved. I generally enjoyed it as easy going TV, although it did feel like a weaker version of Futurama in a lot of places. But anything that allows John DiMaggio and Eric Andre more work is never a bad thing for me.
  3. Much happier with that result. If we find Croatia on that form, we'll have a great chance of beating them.
  4. On this performance, I'd MUCH rather play Croatia. Everyone's dying and their final ball is utter shit. Russia are quick on the break and they're tall mother fuckers. Set pieces might be harder against them.
  5. We need another goalkeeper if Mignolet leaves and I always think you need to at least try to improve on the position if you can. Karius needs someone who can competently share the burden with. But, I'm equally OK with him staying. Mignolet has flaws that legitimately cost games, buy Karius had a crisis of confidence at the start and then horrible luck in the final. I'm far more confident with Karius than Mignolet, personally. But if they can sign a top level keeper (Oblak, Lloris, etc) then I would be all for it. Other than that, I would like to see us get just more strength in depth. We need more options than we have right now in all areas really. Fabinho goes a great way to helping to strengthen us. Very pleased.
  6. Having seen Tranmere play in the Championship back in the day, it's a travesty they even fell out of the league. But, they've got back in and in such a fighting manner. Great to see them back up there. Well done boys!
  7. Yeah... They've lost their shit They're generally considered a bit more right leaning than their wonderful counterparts (and totally unbiased endorsement from me, obviously) FC St. Pauli. I've heard a few stories of Pauli fans getting beaten up by HSV ultras around the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, although I can't verify that. All in all, it's sad to see. On the plus side, that Hamburg Derby next year is going to be INSANE. Although I do fear there may end up being trouble and most news sites will play it as a left versus right argument.
  8. Going with the old school here. Britney rules all. Please know this.

  9. I too would like to see Huddersfield go up with Newcastle and Brighton as a Liverpool fan. However, failing them I would kind of like to see Sheffield Wednesday go up as well.
  10. Four EFL clubs 'at risk of failure' according to a study from financial service firm Begbies Taylor. Looking around, there's been lots of speculation on the clubs involved. Three League One teams and one League Two team. Most people point to Leyton Orient as a definite likelihood, with Bolton also suggested. It's a shame to see the potential downfall of some historic teams.
  11. So, for Bristol Rovers I think it has to be: Stuart Sinclair Steve Mildenhall Matty Taylor Nathan Blissett Jake Gosling Those are the five I feel bring the most to the club within the next three years.
  12. Roy had no reason to mention it. Managers up and down the country rest players without flat out saying "oh, they didn't want to play because they were tired". It offers no benefit for him to slate one of his players again. Just like he did with Glen Johnson at Liverpool, he's deflecting attention onto the player because he cannot be seen to be wrong. For a man with his experience, you'd think he would have learnt the basics of PR by now. Better yet, you'd think the FA would have too. Who knows if Raheem will be galvanized by this and become a better player? Maybe. Or maybe he and the rest of the team will just think "Oh god, Roy's a dick and I hate playing for him". Roy works well with certain players due to his elder figure, calm but wise manner that he portrays, but when it gets to a bigger breed of animal he is lost. Thus, his experiences at top-level teams and environments doesn't match his successes. And experience should tell him something about evolution and adaptation. I have experience in my job to know that the way I do things today won't necessarily mean that's the way to do it tomorrow. What worked 40 years ago doesn't necessarily work today. Liverpool have invested shit loads of money into their fitness and medical teams and it shows today with better young players. Michael Owen suffered similar circumstances back in his younger days and curtailed a good period of his career because of it. Liverpool have evolved and adapted from those days. Roy has not entirely done that. Medical science has moved on so that we understand some players need resting and others don't. Whilst at Real Madrid, it was regularly accepted that Ronaldo (as in Fat Ronaldo) didn't partake in training every day depending on his mood and desire. But when it came to crunch time, he delivered. Some players are like that. You work with all different variables with each player. In wrestling context, just because Vince McMahon functions on 4 hours sleep does that mean everyone else has to? No. We are all different. When I trained for wrestling, how I trained was different to how my friends trained because we are all built different. If Roy hasn't grasped that concept yet then I worry for him. Not to say Brendan Rodgers isn't culpable of any mistakes. By all means, Brendan has to accept some blame for any tiredness Raheem Sterling is undergoing right now. He could certainly afford to rest the kid. Did he need to play him for the entirety of the match against Middlesborough? Close match decided by penalties aside, maybe the team and Sterling would have benefited from him not playing and another younger star getting their chance? Maybe the match could have happily been written off to focus on League and European exploits? These are questions that Brendan needs to answer. But ultimately, Roy has one again shown why he is not the manager England needs, but the manager the FA wants. Why progress? Progress means change and change ultimately is too much for some people to accept.
  13. It has been coming for the last few games. Today the bubble burst. Absolutely. "Slow and steady wins the race", as they say. It's probably the most frustrated I have felt in a long time. Such an opportunity... Still. Just have to give "hope" and "dream" a chance to win it for us, I guess. Keep us dreaming boys. Keep us dreaming.
  14. Liverpool capitulated. The pressure got to them. Fair play to Mourinho on the basis of he worked out Liverpool. It was naive of Brendan Rodgers to just think Liverpool's way would work. The way Chelsea played, they needed to get someone playing off the defender's shoulders and get the ball behind the defence. Habitual crosses into the box wasn't going to work against a strong, organized and tall defence. Has to be said Kalas had a fantastic game. Certainly believe on that performance he could become world class. The difference in his calm, cool approach to many of Liverpool's rushed attack is the epitome of the game. Ultimately, there can be such a thing as wanting something too much. Keeping your cool was what Liverpool should have done. Ultimately, Chelsea did it instead and sadly they come unstuck. They gave Chelsea too much respect when they should have been more patient. Alas, a golden opportunity was wasted. It may still go their way if Manchester City mess up. But they shouldn't have allowed that to happen. Maybe this is the experience to guide them for the future. This could still be the awakening of the Liver bird yet.
  15. I'm guessing they took the gate down to paint it the colour of disappointment.
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