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Erm, shock gaming news


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This is why we shouldn't give Scotland freedom, they'll only go out and piss away even more money. I mean, £230,000 to the man who made the Penultimate Warrior? REALLY?

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Can someone post the article here? I'm at work and this website is blocked. :/

Serious Parody has announced it has raised a total of £1 million to establish a new studio based in Dundee, recruiting 18 new staff in the process.

The iOS developer, which recently launched Wrestling Manager (see below) for iPhone and is already based in the Scottish city, raised the majority of the funds from private investors.

A further £230,000 was stumped up by a Scottish Enterprise regional selective assistance grant.

Talent hunt

According to CEO Dan Hinkles, the firm is looking for a "number of highly skilled and highly motivated games professionals" to lead its new Dundee studio.

"The company has a very clear roadmap to success, taking advantage of the transformational changes that have occurred with in the games industry of recent years," added Hinkles.

"We have a number of highly ambitious new projects underway and we already have a ton of talent at the spine of the company with award winning artists and programmers on board. Now we're looking for talented developers who can really help 'raise the bar' for the genres we're working on."

So yeah. Holy fucking shit.

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Wait, people going around on every forum slagging him off?

How about people going around every forum, pretending to be a random new member, only to praise the game to high heaven and go 'lol, you got me' when they ask if they work for said company? What about people writing their own positive reviews for their own games?

Just...*mind assplode*

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