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General Movie Thread 2021


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I watched Soul with the kids. It was a good movie! 


I loved everything up until the ending and thought the ending was really safe. After Onward, I had high hopes for what the "lesson" of the movie would be. But ultimately, I felt it missed the mark and told an unsatisfactory ending. Joe was selfish and lived his life. Sure, at the end he sacrificed himself for 22, but his sacrifice just led to him receiving what he had to begin with. I thought there would have an interesting story in there if ultimately he sacrificed himself for 22 with no redemption. He got two returns and ultimately wasted both. 


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Oh, I don’t know if anyone caught it, but in the midst of Ray Fisher’s allegations about DC and the bad work environment on Justice League, he tweeted a recording of a message left for him by an independent investigator hired by Warner Bros. The message certainly seems to back up Fisher’s claims. 

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For my New Years Resolution I will be undertaking the Crespo Hundo. 100 movies I have never watched before in 365 days. I will periodically update this list as I go. Right now I have finished 22, and I am in the process of watching One Night In Miami, which is excellent. Because I am OCD, I have listed them in order, with the date, and where I rank them so far.


1. Wonder Woman 1984 - 01/01/2021 (19) '

2. Ad Astra - 01/02/2021 (20)

3. East Of Eden (1955) - 01/02/2021 (10)

4. You Cannot Kill David Arquette - 01/02/2021 (15)

5. Ma - 01/02/2021 (22)

6. Detective Pikachu - 01/03/2021 (18)

7. Taxi Driver - 01/04/2021 (1)

8. Spies Like Us - 01/04/2021 (21)

9. Blood Simple - 01/04/2021 (4)

10. Molly's Game - 01/06/2021 (5)

11. Spotlight - 01/08/2021 (6)

12. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - 01/08/2021 (17)

13. The Greatest Showman - 01/08/2021 (2)

14. Love, Gilda - 01/10/2021 (9)

15. 30 Minutes Or Less - 01/11/2021 (14)

16. The King Of Staten Island - 01/16/2021 (13)

17. A Night At The Museum - 01/19/2021 (16)

18. The Prestige - 01/20/2021 (3)

19. The Theory Of Everything - 01/21/2021 (8)

20. Nail In The Coffin: The Fall And Rise Of Vampiro - 01/25/2021 (11)

21. The Wrestler: A QT Marshall Story - 01/26/2021 (7)

22. Charlie Wilson's War - 01/26/2021 (12)


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Stray observation: we go back and watch older 90s/early 00s teen movies and go “wait a minute he doesn’t even look REMOTELY like a teenager”, but then you watch old home movies of older teenagers in like, 1999, and somehow they all look like they have at least 1 kid and a fucking mortgage. It’s wild. When I was 17/18, I looked like a baby. But when my aunt was? Shit, that class looked like 18 going on 30!!

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Watched The Little Things today and really enjoyed it. 

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