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What is the best season of a TV show you've ever seen?


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Blackadder Goes Forth was the first idea that came to mind. More recently, there's the fourth series of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, both of which I think are the high points of those shows. I haven't seen The Wire yet, but the fourth series of that has already been quoted in this thread, and the most recent run of Bojack Horseman episodes were good too. This theme bodes well for the upcoming fourth series of Better Call Saul.

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Boardwalk Empire season 3

Friends season 4

Parks & Recreation season 4

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3

Game of Thrones season 2

The Handmaid's Tale season 1

Community season 2

Atlanta season 2

A lot of recency bias, probably, and I'm probably not answering this correctly but who cares.


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Season Six of Deep Space Nine. It's 26 episodes so you do get some filler here and there but it includes maybe the best hour of science fiction ever (Far Beyond The Stars), one of the best episodes of Star Trek ever made (In The Pale Moonlight), and some other awesome moments (the opening Time To Stand/Rocks and Shoals two parter, Favor The Bold/Sacrifice Of Angels, and while it hasn't aged superwell, Waltz is still very good).

Seasons 1 of Westworld and Lost were both great, though sadly both shows either seem to be or definitively did crawl up their own ass as time went on.

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Season 4 of the Wire is the best shout. Breaking Bad season 5 is a good one as well. I'd also add Sons of Anarchy season 2, the season with the white supremacist/nazis plot. 

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