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NFL Survivor League


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Is anyone interested in doing a survivor league? If you are unfamiliar with it, it's just picking one team each week and if they win, you stay in the league. If that team loses, you are out. If you remain in the league you cannot choose that team again.

It's obviously better with a lot of people since it is one loss and you're out, though we could do two losses depending on how many people we have and if everyone wants that.

Kind of last minute here, but if you are interested let me know before Thursday and we'll see where we are.

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Always have fun with these.  Would request you do it on Yahoo so it’s in the same place as all our other fantasy football leagues.

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I set it up with 2 strikes since we have 12 different people to make it last a little longer.


Let me know if you all want it to start week 2 to give more people a chance to join. Currently it is set to have picks due today by 8:15 PM Eastern US Time (+5 for UK time).

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