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I was going to hold off on posting this until slightly closer to the event but with the leaks and speculation already underway, why not?


Sunday 12th June:


Bethesda - 7PM PST / 10PM EST / 3AM BST (June 13th)

Monday 13th June:

Microsoft - 9:30AM PST / 12:30PM EST / 5:30PM BST

PC Gaming Show -  12PM PST / 3PM EST / 8PM BST

Ubisoft: 1PM PST / 4PM EST / 9PM BST

Sony: 6PM PST / 9PM EST / June 14, 2AM BST (June 14th)

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th:

Nintendo: 9AM PST / 12PM EST / 5PM BST

Nintendo: 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM BST

Apparently Nintendo is breaking with tradition again, after previously ditching a stage show in favour of their own 'Nintendo Direct' videos and are now doing Treehouse live streams over two days. Pokemon Sun/Moon and the new Zelda are going to be on show.

E3 on Youtube
E3 on Twitch

As well as streaming the conferences, Twitch usually has a stream going throughout the day featuring interviews with developers/publishers so might be worth keeping an eye on for that as well.

E3 2016

It seems like it was only 5 minutes ago that Sony and Microsoft were introducing their new systems but here we are with all the talk over the last few months being on so called '.5' systems. Slight hardware revisions are nothing new, with all 3 last gen systems getting 'slim' models last time out (heck, the PS3/360 got two) but what's on the horizon now seems like a much bigger change.  If rumors are to be believed, the so called Playstation 'Neo' and Xbox 'Scorpio' wont split consumers by offering exclusive titles but will play future games in a more premium fashion with better graphics and a smoother frame-rate. Perhaps not worth double dipping for if you've already got a system but if you're in the market for one, why not spend that same money or slightly more for the more deluxe model?

Oh, and Nintendo has this thing called the NX coming out, apparently?


We've had the God of War 3 remaster, now it's time for God of 4? There's a new spin off of sorts for Gran Turismo so maybe we'll see some of that. Probably quite a bit of third party exclusive type stuff with Call of Duty and Destiny, is it time for Destiny 2 yet?

And Last Guardian is definitely coming this year. Absolutely nailed on, 110% guaranteed.


Personally, I want me some Crackdown 3 or some more of that Sea of Thieves thing from last year, that looked pretty neat. Gears of 4 will show it's face too, maybe a new Forza. They have the new PC one coming out and it's probably a little too soon for another outing in the main series, possibly another Horizon? Shit, I'm still waiting for Minecraft 2. Outside of the potential new Xbox hardware, there's always Hololens to push since everyone else is doing the whole VR thing.


Pokeymans! Open world Zelda next year! The Wii U totally isn't dead, you guys, the NX is just a complimentary system to go alongside your Wii U and 3DS. It's not replacing it whatsoever. By all accounts it's not going to appear at the show but if it did, hopefully they've hired someone better to name the thing so they don't have another 4 years of 'Oh, it's a new system and not just an add on?'


With Dishonoured 2 due out this year, what else can we expect to see? There's always more Fallout 4 DLC to push and probably a GotY edition on it's way too. And hey, during the development of that game they did sort of port over Skyrim as a proof of concept dealie so, with all the remasters of years old games that no one asked for (Hello Resident Evil 5/6) why not finish the job and release that? Then BOOM, next gen Elder Scrolls too why not?


SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS Mirrors Edge Catal...wait that's just come out SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS Mass Effect...wait that was delayed SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS Erm...new indie thing maybe? Unravel was cute, right?


With the world being a little burnt out on the yearly slog of Assassin's Creed, the franchise is taking a little rest and allowing it's little brother Watch Dogs take another crack at it. Maybe we can all sit back in awe at another set piece and then ultimately be disappointed when the actual game comes out? If not, there's always Alisha Tyler to poke fun at.

Joking aside, I want to see more of that new Ghost Recon thing where you can take all the different approaches to tackling a mission. That looked cool.


New Red Dead, please. And make RDR backwards compatible on the One so I can spent the next 5 months shooting Kaney's donkey before the sequel hits. AND TIMESPLITTERS 4, GODDAMNIT. OR TIMESPLITTERS HD REMIX EDITION. YOU DID THOSE TEASER LEVELS IN THE NEW HOMEFRONT, DO THE REST OF IT.

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If there was a new Timesplitters with fucking split screen and the ability to pay with dozens of AI... I would eat all the hats. 

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I'll have to miss most of this because I work different hours than I have for the last couple of years. It's a strange thing because, even though I know the announcements will be no different whether or not I watch the conferences, there's something great to me about streaming them live.

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I bet they won't even have a famous person come out and perform to the mass indifference of gaming bloggers. E3 just isn't what it used to be.

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6 hours ago, Meacon¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said:

I don't usually pay much attention to E3 or this thread, so can someone please tag me on the very slim chance that EA Sports announces a new college football game?:(

After the lawsuit @Meacon¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wouldn't say there is a slim chance, I'd sadly say there is a 0% chance.  I alwats preferred the NCAA titles too :(

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9 minutes ago, Lint said:

After the lawsuit @Meacon¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wouldn't say there is a slim chance, I'd sadly say there is a 0% chance.  I alwats preferred the NCAA titles too :(

I always enjoyed watching WRs on the NCAA games just beat crappy CBs downfield on long pass plays and then you could just heave it to them and rack up yards and TDs quick... That was fun...  The recruiting in the last couple of games was actually very easy (to me) and simplified

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I actually preferred the other recruiting.  After they changed it I could never land anyone over 3 stars

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I think I just decided to opt out of Titanfall. When they're offering it for like ten bucks and I'm like "no I'm okay," yeah. I think Overwatch is going to scratch my shooty fun time itch for the next two years.

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