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I thought it would be appropriate to start this thread because the season starts one month from now (on 12 September) and because we have also found out that the fixtures will be announced on 21 August.

We don’t know much at this stage, but I think it is safe to say that each team will play 38 games, coming up against each of the other 19 teams once at home and once away. There will of course be the standard 26 December game and exhaustive festive run, because tradition > common sense.

Apart from when it comes to introducing VAR, of course.

I hope all your teams exceed expectations this season, even though such an occurrence is impossible given that if one team is to perform better than expected, another must, sadly, fall up short. I can only pray that those of you who find their team in this position will not take this disappointment too hard.

Finally, I want to say a little bit about why I have started this thread, despite not really supporting any one Premier League team (although I am of course happy to see West Brom and Fulham returning to the top flight after a lengthy absence; these giants of the game have been away for too long). I have started this thread because we all need to chip in and help Lineker. We sit idly by while he starts all these threads and it’s just not on. The poor boy isn’t getting any younger and I’m starting to worry that he might burn out. I wouldn’t want to see that, so get your shoulders to the wheel everyone.

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Fucking hell Mad Jack anyone would think Lamela started a football club in Miami the way you keep banging on about him.

Score more goals than they do.

I know some football fans are biased to the point of comedy, but this is one of the biggest displays of spouting pure bollocks I've seen in a while, so fair play for that at least😂

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10 minutes ago, damsher hatfield said:

Pressing question. If we start all these threads then what will Lineker do while he's at work?

I’m not saying I want Lineker to stop making threads completely. Lineker is one of the best thread creators I’ve ever worked with and he still has a lot to offer EWB. I’m just saying it is time we give a chance to some new blood coming through. We’ve got some great potential at EWB but they aren’t getting the thread creation opportunities they need.

Lineker has so much experience, he’s a great presence at the training ground and he works really well with the up-and-coming thread creators. I still see his future as being with us. He just can’t be creating threads as regularly as he once did. There’s a point where the mind might still be there, but the body is screaming no, and we can’t turn back time. We’re just going to save him for the threads that really matter.

9 minutes ago, Naitch said:

Probably watch Ollie on Twitch.

Or that, I guess.

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2 hours ago, metalman said:


I’m not saying I want Lineker to stop making threads completely. Lineker is one of the best thread creators I’ve ever worked with and he still has a lot to offer EWB. I’m just saying it is time we give a chance to some new blood coming through. We’ve got some great potential at EWB but they aren’t getting the thread creation opportunities they need.


"And Lineker, you big bald son of a bitch, kiss my ass!"


vince4 (1).png

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22 minutes ago, Baddar said:

The Community Shield match between Liverpool and Arsenal will be played at Wembley behind closed doors on Sat 29th August at 4.30pm.

Baddar dropping the ball already. Open a new thread! :shifty:

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2 hours ago, Lineker said:

Burn out is always a real concern, tbf.

If you need someone to talk to about your performance anxiety, I am qualified.

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18 hours ago, Baddar said:

Comm Shield discussion almost always takes place in the PL thread. 🙄

It's equally FA Cup, as it is Premier League.🙄

I'll be having my lengthy discussion about the Community Shield in the FA Cup thread if anyone wants to join me

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Did anyone else notice that Arsenal essentially saved around £37.5k p/w in savings by the 55 redundancies, which is pretty much exactly the amount the club would've saved if Ozil took the 12.5% pay cut? 

Obviously I do not think that Arsenal as a football club would eliminate 55 jobs just because of Ozil not taking the pay cut and wanting to try and make him look even worse, but it's just incredibly weird how it's pretty much the EXACT amount, how much Arsenal is saving by taking away the jobs of 55 people and how much they would've saved from Ozil's pay cut

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That's what we call the ol' "make someone else take all the blame" tactic. They'd have certainly eliminated at least some of these jobs with or without Ozil taking a pay reduction, but by him not doing it he gave higher-ups a very easy target on whom to shift virtually all the blame.

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  • Lineker featured this topic

The Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters, has responded to MP Chi Onwurah’s plea for clarity over the Newcastle United takeover amid mounting frustration on Tyneside.

It is the first time the governing body has commented publicly on the matter, which has engulfed the city since news of PCP Capital Partners’ largely Saudi-funded £340m bid was made public in April.

In his letter to the Newcastle Central MP, Masters wrote: “I fully appreciate that the issue of a potential change in the ownership of Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) is of great importance to you, as the MP for the area and as a fan, as it is to NUFC’s entire fanbase, and I would like to deal directly with the questions you raise.”

Masters confirmed that after an impasse was reached in the league’s owners’ and directors’ test, Amanda Staveley’s consortium, under which Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is seeking to buy an 80% stake in the club, declined an offer of independent arbitration.

He wrote: “In June, the Premier League board made a clear determination as to which entities it believed would have control over the club following the proposed acquisition, in accordance with the Premier League rules. Subsequently, the Premier League then asked each such person or entity to provide additional information, which would then have been used to consider the assessment of any possible disqualifying events.

“In this matter, the consortium disagreed with the Premier League’s determination that one entity would fall within the criteria requiring the provision of this information. The Premier League recognised this dispute, and offered the consortium the ability to have the matter determined by an independent arbitral tribunal if it wished to challenge the conclusion of the board. The consortium chose not to take up that offer, but nor did it procure the provision of the additional information. Later, it (or PIF specifically) voluntarily withdrew from the process.”

Masters’ comments came after the consortium withdrew its bid for the club having waited in vain for the green light, although the current owner Mike Ashley has insisted he remains committed to the deal, 17 weeks after the matter first went to the Premier League.

The league’s chief executive also dismissed suggestions that rival clubs had vetoed the deal. “The owners’ and directors’ test is delegated to and carried out entirely by the Premier League Board,” he said. “Other member clubs have no role whatsoever in the approval process.”

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      Regarding that line about us - I imagine that we will be refused that by the Premier League and we'll end up on the road for the first four games - which is fine.
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