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Football Manager 2017 is all set for its official launch later this year.

Sports Interactive have announced earlier that Football Manager 2017 will be released on 04 November 2016.

One of the most popular football games around, Football Manager 17 can be pre-ordered from the official Football Manager website or from Steam now. A range of discounts and other attractive offers have been announced for pre-purchases.


Football Manager 2017 is expected to be the most complete and detailed version of the game yet.

While Sports Interactive have kept their cards close to their chest and there haven’t been any announcements regarding the latest features of the game, here at Soccerlens we have decided to list some of the changes/improvements that we are looking forward to as fans of the game.

More involvement of owners/chairman

So far the chairmen and the owners have been quite accommodating and lenient in the game.

In order to add more eccentricity to the game, adding personality traits to certain owners could be a real game changer.

Premature sackings, heavy involvement in transfers could add a more realistic dimension to the game. Just think of Roman Abramovich.

Sometimes owners in real life make illogical decisions and there is no reason why that cannot be repeated in the game.


Brexit is all set to affect the transfers in the game this year.

Work permit issues are likely to stall more than a few deals if you are playing as a British club.

Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson says: “Football-wise, whilst not directly affecting us, the work permit system would come into place for EU Nations.”

“Which we worked out would mean 175 players at the top level in the UK wouldn’t have got work permits including – Payet and Kante. From a gameplay perspective, that’s going to cause more than a few problems for people who play the game as British clubs.”

Manager avatars, personality, and rivalries

Football Manager allows the customisation of Manager avatars, but a more detailed experience would add more value to the game.

Furthermore, the introduction of manager personalities could be a big step forward.

The likes of Conte, Klopp and Mourinho are quite animated in real life and replicating their personalities in the game sounds quite appealing.

Also, a more intense rivalry between managers could make things more interesting. Who would not want a Mourinho – Wenger meltdown in the pre-match/post-match presser?

Early moves

Making early moves in the transfer market has been quite common over the last few years.

Managers joining a new club often manage to tap players well before they have been announced officially.

For example, the deals of Ibrahimovic and Gundogan seemed like they were in place before Mourinho or Pep were announced.

Allowing players to put deals in place even before their first presser would be a welcome addition to the game.

Women’s football

Football Manager comes with a choice of 137 different leagues and the option to choose from a database of over 400,000 players.

Adding female leagues to the latest version of the game would be a big step in a new direction.

Women’s football is on the up and making it available in the game could be greatly appreciated.

Get hype.

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None of those features you've mentioned are confirmed. Women's football is an absolute certainty not to be in.

Terrible journalism.

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Yeah, it literally makes it obvious in the 'features' list that they're all things the writer wants to see in the new game, as opposed to actually those things being in the game.

Either way, i'm not going to get this game at release. The fact we're less than 2 months away from release, and they've given us nothing in terms of new features doesn't bode well, and I feel that this is going to be one of the half-assed update versions.

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35 minutes ago, Jasonmufc said:

The fact we're less than 2 months away from release, and they've given us nothing in terms of new features doesn't bode well, and I feel that this is going to be one of the half-assed update versions.

They do this every year, don't they? I'm quite certain they're usually announced in July/August, then release the features with a month or two to go.

In fact, last year's wasn't even announced until 7th September.

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28 minutes ago, Benji said:

One extra media comment is a technically a new feature. Not at all unfathomable.

It's hardly a new feature though, is it? It's just something saying something else. A new feature to me is completely completely new, like the introduction of team talks, agents, etc.

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Well, the video says "20,000 new media items" so those new features aren't exactly 1 comment = 1 feature, but I know what Benji means. Pretty sure they said the same between 15 and 16 in terms of new content. A lot of the stuff is so minor that it doesn't deserve to be called a feature, but they do it anyway.

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It's not promising that the thirty second teaser trailer features at least two instances of goalkeepers diving out of the way of easy saves.

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I wonder if right backs will still be the best players on the game, always winning player of the year with their 30 assists a season...

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