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Football Manager 2024


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Not watched the videos yet but if it's being added to Netflix, that'd be another platform alongside Gamepass where the game is essentially 'free'. Plus, with the idea that they're going to allow saves to roll forward year on year,  I'm curious if they're easing themselves into a subscription model.

It doesn't seem like the kind of title that lends itself to that impulsive microtransaction model though. I know they have the little challenges on console that unlock things, or you can just buy them, but there can't be much you can sell outside of data updates and the editor.

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1 hour ago, Bobfoc said:

Can you play Netflix games with a proper controller or keyboard? Controlling Football Manager without it sounds like a nightmare.

Mobile footy manager is easy enough with a touch screen phone. 

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Im still tweaking and testing this FM23 Celtic Tiger database.

Alexis MacAlllister signed for St Patrick's Athletic in one test. For some reason they're a magnet for players. Can't figure out why.

While Shamrock Rovers repeatedly appoint Ralph Hasenhüttl. Although Poch got appointed in one.

At the moment Im just tweaking things and trying to combat issues that arose in the FM16 game. Maybe make it a little more competitive.

The AI clubs in my FM16 save were also lot less willing to spend from the start. I think I've gotten them to stop that. Im not sure how much further to push it.

Im also looking at what could be interesting to set myself up in with a club. If I do start with Parkvilla, they'll be starting from the third tier. Which could be interesting. Ive also got my own actual local team edited in (a former head of the FAI lives locally and is their IRL chairperson - he has been quoted in the past about wanting to make the club a League of Ireland club). I probably will just leave them but not manage them. There's also Kerry. Kerry are only newly formed and I like the idea of making them into something.

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12 minutes ago, METALMAN said:

you should probably make this guy a billionaire too so he can afford to sack Stephen Kenny

I don't want to give him too much money. He got sacked from his last sports CEO role because of a Facebook comment.

He's also been the quizmaster at a local pub quiz for a long time now and he has not yet learned how to speak into a microphone properly. Not to mention he always uses the most low-resolution photos for his picture rounds.

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